MDBA Registering as a Group Member

While registering is not required to be a Group Member, by registering, you may help the Plaintiffs negotiate a better settlement for Group Members because the more information they have about Group Members’ claims the better a position they will be at the mediation of the MDBA Class Action which is currently scheduled on 19 July 2024.

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1. Claimant Name/s(Required)

3. Volume of Entitlements you owned (in MLs) in:

Water Licence

If the Water Licence was in relation to a farming operation:

8. If you would have used the additional water you would have received to yield further commodities, for the particular water year:

Temporary Water Damages

10. What is the volume of water (in ML) you purchased on the temporary water market in:

14. If the answer to question 13 above is yes: