Culture and Strategy

Banton Group’s culture and strategy encapsulates: 

Mentoring: Banton Group (BG) focuses on team members supporting one another.  Mentoring takes place ‘up and down the line’, with immediate superiors offering guidance, not just the partners.  We emphasize teamwork and a collaborative approach to all problem solving, which allows the team to demonstrate their capabilities, particularly when acting on large and complex disputes.

Intellectually rigorous: BG offers the opportunity to be involved in a dynamic legal practice working on high profile and complex commercial, corporate and insolvency matters.  The work is fast-paced and intellectually rigorous.  Team members are guided by committed legal professionals and technical experts.

Innovation: BG is dedicated to operating on the frontier of advanced legal solutions and technological developments.  BG has set up an environment that facilitates new opportunities to leverage technology to assist in achieving flexibility, work life balance and making our jobs easier.  The nature of the work is cutting edge and complex, with a track record of testing and creating new law.  

Balance: BG understands that its team operates most efficiently when the culture of the work environment is fulfilling.  BG encourages balance by providing a flexible, supportive and productive work environment. 

Client Focus: BG is focused on providing market-leading expertise, outstanding service and exceptional legal solutions.  BG’s aim is to fully understand its clients’ requirements, challenges, objectives, and goals and to maximize the value of its services to them.  BG has a strong focus on performance and financial reporting, profitability and streamlining projects which helps ensure maximum efficiency while providing exceptional legal solutions.  

Supporting junior lawyers and merit-based development: BG has removed the hierarchical and more traditional constraints that restrict development and growth in larger firms and replaced them with a fluid and flexible merit-based program.  Lawyers are entrusted with significant responsibility as soon as they demonstrate ability, unlike in other more structured firm environments.  BGs approach to advancement is less tightly controlled, recognising the potential of outstanding performers well before traditional structured firms.